Blue is playing the raven queen at con

So we are at the guardian con in Lynnwood. We are in a 5e one shot, and blue plays our DM’s equalivant of Raven from Teen Titans, but calls her Corvid.

And he plays her in ways that I see our girl doing it,

But the icing on the cake is, y’all all know he reads to me right?

Yeah, he absolutely used her voice, and said stuff she would say, and I was laughing so hard.

The game was pretty fun, I already forget which of his heros I played, but it was pretty much my last tempest cleric.

However, I just had to tell on him, because the one shot was we were paid to escape (break) out of a prison that proved to be under water.

I dunno, I thought some of y’all would find that funny.

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To be fair, my pain level is stupidly high and my humor gets weird