Picture of what the student tokens look like?

Is there an image somewhere? My girlfriend is enjoying me reading the books to her, and shes quite crafty with a laser etcher and wants to try making one, since they’re just wood.


I haven’t seen anything, but I imagine it has a sky-kraken on it

I don’t believe so. I thought they were wooden, carved and burned, but that may be incorrect.

So yeah, the student (specifically) tokens are wood. They’ve got the sky kraken crest on one side, plus some basic student info of the owner. --Sky kraken look kind of like giant squid with extra octopus tentacles.

If I remember correctly their spell array is actually sealed inside to prevent easy copying and tampering.

I don’t yet have any concrete illustrations of exactly what they look like though. If your girlfriend wants to try it, whatever she does won’t be wrong.


Thank you! I’ve passed it along and will see what i can help her come up with for it. I’ll post pictures eventually.

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So here’s what she’s done as a concept. Her idea was that as a student gains Apprentice/Journeyman, then a fancier border gets added around the kraken. Or perhaps different borders if they’re gaining specialties (Artificery, Healing, Witchcraft, etc).

She also thinks the side with their name should have an image of the student, and what year they are in.

She also wonders if the spell area on the inside of the token would put any kind of visual mark on the outside of the token if it has been tampered with?


I just have to say that this token is EXCELLENT! Very cool.