What do you think Lacer is researching?

Let’s guess. I know a lot of us have different opinions on this, and so far it’s been hinted about, but not actually revealed in the text. (Remember in one of the bonus stories when he was about to reveal his project in his inner monologue, and then the Aberrant siren interrupted?)

Here’s what we know:
-he is researching old texts to find his answers
-he is translating pre-cataclysmic texts

I’ll let you all start…

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Whatever it is, I have a feeling it’s going to be… morally questionable? :rofl:

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How dare you imply that Thaddeus Lacer, war hero, possible Red Guard Agent, and friend to all might posses anything other than unimpeachable morals? That sound you all heard was me clutching my pearls. . .

That said, the thing that I think he wants the most out of life is more time. With more time, he can achieve all his other goals of amassing power and knowledge, and he knows he’s almost halfway through his life. I have several ideas about how he wants to achieve that goal. Possibly learning what triggered the cataclysm? The secrets of time travel? Possibly by turning himself into an Aberrant? What do you guys think?

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I think if he ever learns about the spell Siobhan did for Bear, he’s going to be sorely tempted … and that assumes whoever is behind the vanishing homeless population isn’t already aware of the spell.


Blockquote I think if he ever learns about the spell Siobhan did for Bear, he’s going to be sorely tempted

I think finding a bunch of stray humans willing to sacrifice their family jewels to extend his life may be considerably more challenging. :rofl:


My current pet theory is that he’s researching the origins of aberrants and the cataclysm, which are one in the same.

Basically I’m guessing that prior to the cataclysm when break events happened, people didn’t become aberrants, they became titans (or were put on a perilous path towards becoming titans if they could maintain enough control).

This explains why all the titans gradually went mad and died out post-cataclysm, but also why there don’t seem to be any powerful pre-cataclysm aberrants still around, since I doubt that aberrants would age, and they’re very hard to kill.

Within this theory, pre-cataclysm titans were kinda like vampires in that they would keep their minds, gain power, and and become essentially immortal, but also be cursed with insatiable, destructive hunger that colored all of their experiences from that point on and made them either an outright threat to humanity or a ruling class over humanity that leveraged their strength to have their demands met.

Then the cataclysm was either an attempt by them to free them of their hunger (manipulating the laws of the universe such that magic itself supplied infinite power to those who broke, rather than forcing them to constantly consume matter) or an attempt by ordinary people to free themselves of these insatiable, magically powerful giants (manipulating the laws of the universe such that those that go through break events don’t retain their minds and are unable to guide their forms).

And then, if that is true, Lacer would be researching the cataclysm in order to find out how to literally abruptly reshape the laws of magic. it would be why he knows so many pre-cataclysm languages as well as ones from the immediate post-cataclysm period and why he is such an expert in Titanic history and lore that he surpasses professors who specifically dedicate themselves to that field, but also maintains an active interest in aberrants and those who might safely be able to cast through their own bodies (the Nought bloodline).

He thinks that the Nought bloodline surviving changes everything, and also that he would love to use the Raven Queen as a test subject if it wouldn’t be so dangerous because he thinks that the Noughts might be able to retain their sanity during break events and still become modern titans.

Any research on this subject would, of course, violate his Red Guard oaths, since the knowledge would be inherently dangerous to humanity, but he wouldn’t let a little thing like that stop him.


“Willing” is probably the only incorrect part about this assumption. I’m not sure he’d care. He might even think he was doing those people a favor - especially in a world where many are one child away from starving. (I’m not saying that’s right, just that I think he views most people as worthless.)

Okay, I really like this. I could maybe see that - we don’t have enough info about Titans to get us any closer to this, but I’m going to keep it in mind. However, one thing - do we know there are no pre-cataclysm Aberrants? Are we sure?

It’s possible that Aberrants were the cause/result of the cataclysm, but I don’t know. I am still wondering if Ilma was correct, and that people were messing around with powers better left alone. I hope we get more hints in the next books!

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Aberrants don’t seem to have been recorded pre-Cataclysm, but its hard to tell for sure - it certainly seems as though Aberrants are more frequent in the modern age than when Myrddin was around - but that might just be because Siobhan hasn’t made extensive research of them during the Blood Empire or earlier.


There’s very little to go off of, we know he’s translating pre-cataclysm texts which we can infer means he’s been reading them and was spurred by their lacking quality. So the question is why is he researching pre-cataclysm works. It could be an attempt to piece together the why of the cataclysm, it could be researching the origins of some pre-cataclysm artifact, or it could be simply to satisfy his own insatiable curiosity. The truth is we really don’t know and I can’t think of anything that might point one way of the other. Besides maybe that one quote early on about investigating confusion he had with Sebastian. I unfortunately can’t remember what chapter it was from but he shied away from saying too much. It was suspicious.

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