A more sinister interpretation of why the Nought bloodline might be desirable

Okay, so the Noughts are presumed to have resistance (but not immunity) to the after-effects of casting through one’s own flesh.

…But in the one example we see of this, Miakoda, it does nothing to save her life. It just seems to mildly slow a fatal condition… But what if that is actually the goal, and why it is seen as desirable by people like Lacer? What if that resistance basically gives the time and flexibility you need to create a custom aberrant out of the person who has cast through their flesh and will eventually break?

I have speculated elsewhere that Miakoda’s aberrant was used to create a portal to the plane of darkness, what if that was something that Siobhan’s grandfather engineered after she returned with a custom spell for her to repeatedly cast until she broke in a more reliable fashion?

Aberrant parts seem to be the only viable way to create a large number of abstract effects, so having a bloodline that allowed you to create custom aberrant effects might be seen as a holy grail of magic to amoral researchers like Lacer and servants of the Blood Emporer…

It very well might do nothing for Siobhan but create incentive for people to victimize her.


I have to say that this is an excellent take on why the Noughts would be of interest to someone highly placed in the Blood Empire.

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OOOF. This actually makes total sense. I always thought it was weird without some sort of overarching context in relation to the Blood Empire.