An Unofficial PGTS Playlist

The thing that you didn’t know that you needed until you had it: A Very, Very Unofficial PGTS Playlist.

Genres: Indie, Indie Rock, Pop, EDM, with a smattering of Uhhh I Don’t Know and I Clicked It And I Liked It.

Mood: Moody. It’s definitely moody. Dark, angsty, soulful, with a hint of upbeat and pop-y throughout.

Length: 4ish hours.

Link: Amazon Music

Anyone with an Amazon Music account can play it, and I believe there may be ways to export it to other platforms. Download it, remove the songs you don’t like, add your own, and share yours. Or, if you hate it, make your own PGTS-inspired playlist and share it! The more the merrier, I absolutely love discovering new music.

Listening guide: the first 20 or so songs are comprised of my favorites that flow well together, and I would recommend listening to them in order. The rest of the songs are in no particular order, although I tried to group similar things together. The content is a mishmash of things that had a particular mood or bridge that made me think of PGTS, or a lyric or tone that reminded me of it, and other songs that don’t, but fit the general mood.

  1. The opening of 1234 kills me, and in my head, it’s the opening to the series if it was televised. The rest of the song isn’t as strong.
  2. Shiver: Damien wrote this about Sebastien. “Screaming deep down I feel like I’m bout to die” scratches an itch in my head like nothing else.
  3. Afraid: “I’ve been dead and I wanna come out/Call my name cause I wanna come out/Here I am and I wanna come out/I’ll hide out in your space/emptiness on my face”
  4. Birds: “As you see I’m bleeding/you’ll look in my eyes/remember it’s a mirror/and both our demise”
  5. Icarus: “If we are free, we’ll never die/and this is why I try/to fly/ I only wish to find a way to shine”
  6. Morning Song: If Siobhan had an anthem.
  7. Inhale: “There’s an evil in all of us/ but it lives inside of me/ there’s a calm in the inhale/ there’s a poison in my bloodstream”

Let me know if you love it, hate it… or if you made your own!

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I’m not willing to sign up for Amazon music. But the conversation on Siobhan’s chant has reminded me of some Celtic music that I like. I have no idea if anyone else likes it, but here are a few songs if you do.

The Stolen Child
Clohinne Winds
Fear a’ Bháta
Ordinary Day

The first 2 have a fairy component. The third is beautiful. The last is folk-rock and has a message about coping with life that I find very helpful.

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If you have a Prime account already, you may be able to listen to it.

Thank you for the links! I’ll check them out.

I can get a free month on a new subscription. But I’m trying to reduce subscriptions, and I always forget about them. So I’d prefer not to do that.

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I’m into it.

I listen to a lot of music while writing (too random to really make a playlist from or I would contribute); some of these songs might get added to my list. Good taste.

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I’m glad you like it! It definitely has a certain vibe to it, and some songs I like more than others, but that’s why I wanted to share such a long playlist - you can cut it down and delete anything you don’t like, and you’ll still have plenty to listen to.