Damien's Fan Club

Damien PLEASE! My name is Darcyspride, and I’m Damien’s number one fan! I have my very own Damien thread at: www.alcove.azaleaellis.com.


As Damien’s self-appointed #1 fan, I have made a thread where we can talk about all things Damien. It can be ANYTHING, as long as its about Damien. His gorgeous, well-sculpted hair. His boyish charm and smile. His outlandish propensity to assume the absolute most fantastical and imaginative tales for simple events. YAY.

What do yall think Damien will make of Sebastian new pad when he finds out? I can only guess his imagination will create some overzealous scenarios that may make him blush. Similar to the time the Innkeeper thought Damien and Sebastian needed a room with one bed.


I’m going to nominate myself Damien’s #2 fan… because I love that adorable. yappy little kid. He just loves everyone with his whole heart, and brings S coffee in bed. He’s like my dog. He follows you everywhere, stares at you adoringly, brings you every exciting and interesting thing he discovers, and annoys the crap out of you… but you love him anyway, and you feel bad at yelling at him to give you some personal space.


I saw this and was reminded of awkward S and D hugs.

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Here you go, our very first photo of Sebastien and Damien together.


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