Do you think her Shadow is getting stronger?

I’ve been getting this feeling that her shadow spell had been progressively getting stronger and having more and more effects as her notoriety increases. The fact it helped with her senses when she was sealed and the “coldness” and aura others reported feeling when in contact with it makes me feel like something is going on beyond others being scared and conjuring illusions.

Or maybe I’m reading too much into it.


I tend to agree. It seems like she’s unconsciously losing “control” when forced to use her shadow in stressful times

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Obviously her shadow became more powerful recently, not only explicitly more real in appearance, but it’s also been effected by her mood. Whether it will become the same as Myrdin’s shadow shield, remains to be seen; it can’t do that yet. With the revelations about how popular perception of an idea has an effect on magic, Azalea also seems to be making it possible that the shadow will take on the powers people believe it will have. More rumors = more powers?

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yeah that’s what I was thinking. Public “Faith” seems to have quite the effect on magic

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The shadow is becoming automatic… she didn’t need to cast it to cause the ripples when she was very angry… it is becoming part of her being not just a captured shadow put under control. It seems to me that she used it to sense her surroundings remotely and that is was absorbing spell energy during the Pendragon battle and pulling its power source from the subtle energies emitted by all matter touching the shadow… her shadow is going to get very powerful and i think it will begin responding to her like its another part of her body not a separate thing… i am hoping it will begin to extend to all shadows…allowing her remote sensing and control of areas far beyond her immediate location… i am excited to see it become active in her everyday environment subtle even that others don’t see it but connected to her so she has a larger presence…
Yes is definitely getting stronger!

I have a theory that part of the shadows effects come from the fact that everything inside it is within the sacrifice “circle”, so whenever the shadow touches someone and takes a little heat, they also feel Siobhan’s will contesting ownership of that part of their body.

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She is also getting stronger herself, plus changing the sacrifice to include ambient heat/light around the shadow noticeably increase its potency.

The draw on the heat of her breath through her fingers disappeared almost entirely, and her shadow solidified somehow, the sensations it was feeding back to her becoming more tangible, and the metaphorical ink of its form growing deeper, the better to stretch farther and wider.

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I also have been thinking… when she released her shadow after extended casting during the escape she missed it and felt ‘exposed’ (I forget the exact adjective that was used). This and another place in the book … i can’t remember where at the moment, that eluded to something similar… This makes me think… Should she try to always have it active even if she isn’t modifying the shadow’s normal shape and actions… kinda like exercising a muscle?


Sorry for the necromancy, but I figured since there were few enough threads so far that it’d be OK.

I had pretty much been assuming that whatever entity is sealed in her head is leaking out via the shadow familiar spell. The more the binding weakens, the more it manifests, drawing energy not only to power the spell, but to strengthen itself, also causing increasingly strange and disturbing effects on the people it interacts with. I’m guessing the situation with the drained beast core is related, either the entity drained it, or some part of her heritage allows her to do so, her heritage being linked in some way to the presence of the bound entity.

The theory about it being the same as Myrdin’s spell, and therefore increasingly capable of the mythical feats attributed to it is interesting, but I think something totally different is happening here. Their capabilities are converging, but that’s because I think Myrdin had the same heritage as S, or had the same kind of entity bound to him. So the convergence in capabilities would be due to the source of the ability, rather than the resulting spell.

Frankly, I’d be very curious to compare what happens if someone else were casting the shadow familiar spell. I have to wonder if other people can even cast it. If they can, they may not be able to get it to do the same things, regardless of skill.


I think this is the similar spell that Myrddin used in the past. The black ball he used that was tangible. Eventually it will get to that level of power.

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I doubt it’s the same, Myrddin made a small shield to absorb enemies attacks which in turn made the shield bigger.

Her shadow is just that, a shadows, attacks just go through it, let alone physical objects.

They do have some similarities, but I think it’s because Myrddin’s spell was absorbing everything coming in contact with it, including light which is what Siobhan’s spell does.

Maybe she’ll get there one day after a lot of modifications but I’d find it weird if she could reproduce what Myrddin made with a complex spell array that took him an hour with a simple chant.

The chant is quite something though and does seem really ominous for a “simple light trick”

Life’s breath, shadow mine. In darkness we were born. In darkness do we feast. Devour, and arise

Something she might be able to do though is duel cast an attack spell with the output detached to make it look like the shadow is the one that attacked, I’m not sure if she can do output detachment while casting 2 spells though, maybe later on when splitting her Will in 2 becomes trivial for her.

Her familiar with a big scythe would make quite a show, with a slicing spell on “impact” with a target (especially if the target is behind a shield :p)


Maybe. Or, more ominously, what if her Grandfather didn’t teach her a simple trick? The more we learn about him, the darker and more dangerous he seems. It could be possible that he taught her the basics of this esoteric spell, and that its powers grow exponentially as her power, control, and understanding of the world do.

Think about it: in magical classes, they learn how to cast using heat and light, because it’s easier for most people to think of that as an energy source. But there are many ways to measure energy, and just as many magical methods to devour energy. Heat, light, plants, living creatures, food stuffs, etc. If you can burn wood to Sacrifice the heat for your magic, what’s stopping you from Sacrificing the wood itself? Or the oxygen in the air? If your body can eat a chicken cutlet to fuel itself, what’s stopping a versatile thaumaturge from Sacrificing the whole chicken?

Right now her shadow uses light and heat from the electromagnetic spectrum for power. A year ago, it only used her body heat. In her most recent battles, it absorbed some spellfire and became significantly more opaque. What is going to stop her shadow from being able to “devour” more?

What if Myrddin’s complex and ridiculous spell array was never even real, and he only cast the shadow spell?

Anyway… I don’t know if I’m right about this, but I think the extreme fear her shadow familiar elicits is not a coincidence, and I do think this spell is far more sinister than she thinks it is.


Okay, now that I’m at this part of the book I understand.

And I disagree

It’s less that her shadow familiar is getting stronger

But her understanding of how light works, based off of classes we have witnessed, is getting so much better.

Also her will control to alter on the fly is getting better.

Honestly, it really feels like magic is just a for e of nature, and the different forms of magic is how they access and use it.

Familiars, glyphs, conduits, a third eye, whatever, seems to be a crutch. They help the caster focus what they want done.

Glyphs seem to be preferred because it’s easy to draw and share a picture to pass it on instead of the how long of a scroll to get into the avatar state, oh, sorry, I know it has a proper name, something about light, but come on. That is not easy to pass on the info.

Magic will honestly do whatever you believe it will, look at the sympathetic magic class. When she ask the very valid question about pigeons sensing lies, it’s kinda a hint.

And I question how much magic baulks at new spells, than this new idea that not only has it not been beaten into submission to do this thing, but the caster prob has just an orchid seed of doubt, which gives magic wiggle room to put up a fight.

So our girl is able to do all these things with her shadow, not because her shadow is stronger

But because, to her, the logic that her shadow should be able to do all these things is so clear, she has no room for doubt, so it just will do as she wants.

And she has used the “no room for doubt, I will succeed because I simply will it” so many times.

She is getting stronger with her understanding.

I bet the cobbled components very bad idea would have worked too, because in her mind she could make the sympathetic connections,

However, it was a stupid bad idea, and I look forward to later outcome of what she did choose.