Newton theory/aberant theory

Continuing the discussion from Newton - some thoughts:

Random theory I have is that newton still isn’t dead though he is still an aberrant, shioban discovers this plans to put him to rest, finds he isn’t completely brain dead and ends up rescuing him and discovers break events can be reversed in myrrdins books and attempts to fix him,

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I love the idea that Newton can be cured, however, I don’t see how can that be done, or should it be done?

Some people break, and sometimes you can’t be fixed. To fix Newton will take away so much from what is learned from his breaking.

As wrong as it might sound, isn’t there honor in letting him die instead of fixing?

I don’t know, maybe there is a plan to fix him, or kill him. My health and cognitive thinking are preventing me from being able to focus to think about the magic and the rules and what it would be able to do.