Reader Challenge: Help Us Name the "General Discussion" Section!

Azalea and her team have managed to come up with nearly a dozen names for this section, but nothing we came up with is quite right. Your suggestions can be PGTS/SOC/CC themed, or even just magical. The General section will be for “off topic” discussions, or things that do not belong anywhere else and are not related to the books.

Our ideas:

Chitchat Corner
Riddles, Rumors, and Rhetoric
The Menagerie
Daily Dialogue
Arcane Tangents/Diversions
Divergence and Diversions
Caffeine Corner
The Library
The Daily Cuppa
The ----- Guild
Freshly Brewed
Decaf Discussion/Diversions/Dialogue
Cappuccino & Chat

The Challenge: Suggest a great name for the General section of the subforum.

The Reward: A bonus character card! Readers will get to choose between Sebastien Siverling, Thaddeus Lacer, Oliver Dryden, Titus Westbay, or Liza. Please see the poll in the main PGTS discussion section to cast your vote.

Side Projects or something like Delightful Dalliances, as in a wizards little tangents and things they get distracted by


Tbh I like, “The People’s Voice” for this, or maybe one of the titles of the more tabloid-esque newspapers in PGTS. Just all kinds of general discussion.

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Wakefulness Brew
Raven Queen Sightings
Introduction to Modern Magics
Unresolved Curiosity

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This is very cute!

“The People’s Voice”

Oh my - I think you suggested that previously, and it’s really good.

I have been trying to make a list of the thirteen crowns…but not having good luck…are all the kids at the university with Sébastien crowns families?.. is Waverly Ascot a crown child? Rhett?
Others Rouse, Cyr, i have a few more but my notes aren’t handy

@JimA, do you want me to make this its own topic instead of a reply? Cyr is the 6th I believe, Rouse is the 12th, and Ascott is a Crown, but that’s all I have in my notes. Perhaps some other people took better ones than us!

That wasn’t me who suggested it previously, it was Amanda Dimitrov, but it was a brilliant suggestion.

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Okay, everyone, I’m bumping this again so we can have some more suggestions!

I will be compiling your ideas and sending them to Azalea tomorrow afternoon (Eastern time), and I think we will announce the winner Thursday or Friday.

Okay, this is submitted, but if anyone has any suggestions before about 2-4PM EST I’ll make sure Azalea sees them.

I had a silly idea when I saw the question

How about

“On the wire”
“On the fence”
“Gathering conspiracies”

I’m thinking of what would be a great pun off of ravens <3