Stories from fans, readers

Will there be a section for readers or fans to submit their own stories inspired by Azalea’s books?

There already is! The Fan Works page is on her website is here: Link.

PGTS has inspired quite a bit of art, but only a couple of fanfics. Please tell me you’ve written something - I would love to read it, and I know Azalea would be over the moon! She loves fanfics, and would be so happy to post more on her website.

If you’ve created something and want to share it directly with her, first, you can submit it at

However, if you want to share directly with everyone on the forum or get group feedback, you’re welcome to post it in the Practical Discussion section. (Or the Seeds of Discovery section, if it’s a SOC fic.)

I do love fanfics!!

If you or anyone writes one, post it in the Practical Discussion/Seeds of Discovery/etc category for now. If we get a handful of them going, we could start a new section just for fan works and move everything there.

And I’ll link to the thread here from my main website so that more people are likely to see it.

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Is there a character limit to these posts? Asking before i try to post what i just wrote and have it butchered by the forum software.

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I’m checking. Feel free to start a thread and post, though, and I’ll let Azalea know it’s here - unless you want to email her. We’re both excited to read it!

i put it up on AO3 for convenience.

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I already PMed you, but I’m bumping this because it’s great, and I think more people will want to read it. Go read it, everyone!!

Is it cool if I link to this from the main website, too?



… do you have any plans for writing a Thaddeus Lacer spinoff series set during the Haze War, or should i be working on that in my copious free time?

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No plans, thanks, just wondering about possibilities.

i wrote a second chapter. It’s up on AO3 with the first one.

Now i just need to buckle down and start with how Lacer ends up in the Haze War …

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I like it.

Waiting for the next book made me crazy enough that I’ve started writing my own story for fun. I’m normally not a fan-fiction sort of writer.

Any suggestions? Why did you put it up at AO3, and were there any other places you considered?

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The only places i know to post are basically AO3,, or Wattpad. The last one left a bad taste in my mouth when i was a more prolific writer; is super old, finicky, and goes down often.

Of course, if you could figure out a way to make it crossover with My Little Pony, you could post it to which is an awesomely built site, but only allow stories that include ponies to be posted.

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Omfg, can you imagine a crossover of this and mlp:fim

Im thinking starlight over detrot or foe:equestria. Level of fanfic…

Maybe an aberrant event that creates alternate universes from other shows