Silly idea to use conduit as spell array?

Could you carve a spell array into your conduit, something like I dunno, being able to sense truth, or some spell that mocks the prognos ability? Hold it in your hand, and use the spell

I’d worry about that; the spell array is a sphere. If your hand is inside the sphere you can accidentally use your hand as a sacrifice.

I’m thinking kinda like her mom’s ring
Or the warding artifacts, they use will, not normal sacrifices

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I noticed this is Ch 151…

Spell arrays could, however, reference attached or embedded sub-arrays, often seen in artificery when complex instruction was required. Spell arrays could be incredibly complex and multi-layered, performing sub-functions that fed larger functions. But if you wanted to make your array itself more robust, there was only one way: use better conductive materials, the best being celerium.

So you can make an array out of celerium at least, and it will work the best. I can’t seem to recall if just carving the lines is enough to define the array.


They say a few times in the series that you can choose to make the spell array directional, so if you want to wear it you would make sure the array wouldn’t be contacting the being.

And we see something close to what I’m talking about, her mother’s ring, but I was mostly asking could the actual conduit be an array?

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The more I think about it, the more making a conduit also be a shield artifact makes sense for at least the red guard. With the add will to use, or even have it auto generate like what her grandfather made.

Also, I would think having nulls on the red guard make sense, just one or maybe two per team, since they are so hard to influence with magic.

Even if they can’t cast they can def use items like wands or be ready to do non magical field triage.

I am really really enjoying the story, even if I’m only getting one chapter a night.

I think when it talks about using celerium for the spell array …

Well, Siobhan uses one made of black salt on more than one occasion. I imagine that celerium, therefore, is probably powdered or carved (for especially tiny artifacts) into the spell array. Given how casters can also destroy their Conduits from channeling too many thaums, i expect that ruins their suitability for being used in arrays.

If an array is carved into the surface of a Conduit, can you even use it to channel a different spell after that, or is it now bound (so to speak) to only thr carved spell array?

This is why I even brought the question up in the first place.

Yeah yeah, you can make something attached to the thing have the array, but like, part of me wonders if it can be done to the conduit itself?

Oh! If Myrddn could make conduits, could he have made an enchanted amulet that was entirely made of conduit material with layers of overlapping spells - just like Siobhan’s Amulet? Is that what the shape-changing talisman actually is?