Bloom : Catastrophe Collector 2

When did this become a thing? Am I the only one who didn’t know this was a thing?

October isn’t going to come fast enough.

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i don’t think she’s 100% done with it yet? I could be wrong.

Percival Irving, aka Percy, shows up for 3 chapters in a row starting at Chapter 98 – Excessive Force – Azalea Ellis.

He is unnamed but has a cameo as a journalist in Chapter 165 – Carried on the Wind – Azalea Ellis who shows his…odd fighting style…in Chapter 166 – Poisoned Pawn – Azalea Ellis.

The spinoff is mentioned in a note in Chapter 156 – Nine-Light Filters – Azalea Ellis.

Oh man, read the first book, it’s a hoot.

If you like the everybody assumes the wrong thing trope, this is everything goes wrong trope in just as much in an amusing way.

Per y is so cute

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Its the Second Book I’m surprised by. She serialized the first book on Patreon, and I have a copy. I didn’t know she has a second one in the works.