What does a square do?

Okay, so weird title, but I’m just curious if anybody else is interested in this branch of the magic system.

I think we have descriptions of what all the regular polygons are good for from triangle up to nonagon, except for the one glaring absence of the humble square.

And since the overall trend seems to be towards shapes with more sides/points representing more esoteric magic, where fewer sides seem to relate to simpler concepts of use, I would almost expect squares to be ubiquitous.

Triangles are useful for energy conversion, and pentagons seem to be basically be the versatile catch-all transmutation shape if you don’t particularly care about efficiency. What lies between those two?

On the transmogrification side of things we did have mention of tetragrams at some point as being associated with stability I think?

It seems interesting to me that such a common polygon has never come up.


My current theory is that squares are good for maintaining and reinforcing a material’s current physical properties… which would rarely be all that useful on it’s own when actively cast, but would be enormously efficient if one were opposing someone else’s will who was attempting to use transmutation on an object.

I might be way, way off, but here goes.

My thoughts are that a square simply isn’t strong enough to direct and contain magic, and so squares most likely fell out of use or were never used. Structurally, a symmetrical triangle is the strongest shape. Most of the more advanced and complex shapes are variations on multiple triangles, such as the pentagram or hexagram.

Part of the reason I think I might be woefully incorrect is because some shapes, for instance - octograms - can be made by combining two squares together, or they can be formed by one continuous line and look like a very pointy star.

So this may depend upon whether spell arrays are typically drawn with complex polygons or simply polygons.

Both squares and diamonds so show up on the grimoire page like all the other polygons… interestingly squares seem to be the only one where orientation matters, there’s no upside down triangle etc.:thinking::thinking::thinking:


That’s a REALLY good catch! I feel like I read that ages and ages ago and just forgot. It’s nice to see how many possible shapes there are.