Why not discord?

This is quite the cool idea as far as creating a community hang out goes, but it must have been somewhat costly to buy this forum template and set it up when all of these features are easily configurable and manageable in discord for free.

Not that I’m complaining lol, I like it. Just wondering is all.

Discord had several initial deal breakers that ruled it out as the primary hosting site. Azalea’s goal is to open this discussion space and to have it as a long-term community to welcome and encourage readers, and some things, such as the character limits, weren’t conducive to that.

There were a lot of contenders, and the decision wasn’t easy. The ability of this platform to have the robust software we were looking for, including Facebook/Google/Patreon integration, made it the winner.

I will say that no option is perfect, and we’re not against discord at all. We may end up utilizing it in addition to this forum someday - but it’s much easier to focus our energy on one space to start with.

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I see. Makes sense in hindsight!

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No worries. We figured it would be a frequently asked question because Discord is so popular, but it just wasn’t quite the right fit.