Another really important question ~ but I don't expect an answer

So he just finished reading me the fourth book. (Gonna start the spin off tomorrow)

But I have this burning question now, that might not get answered, or might be how the next book starts, I don’t know

That last conversation that our girl has with Oliver? You know Miles is listening in, but none of this is new information. He was very straight forward about asking her things along those lines. And has no bones trying to make sure to tell others.

But what about his mom? How much was she listening to the dark emptiness that she knows to be the creature called the Raven Queen. The being she is more than a little jealous about how obsessed and almost seemingly in love HER SON is.

How much does she hear, how much does she believe if she does hear.

I just…

I mean, the chance that she chooses to focus on not listening to our girl after she gets the “let them play”

And knowing that Oliver is going to talk to her she could try to mind her own business, but does she?

… I wonder if there is an artifact that keeps people from listening in that Oliver might have.



So do we have a count down to the next book yet?