Silly head cannon about Grandfather~ speculation

Super early on, the first time I heard the first book

It feels like Grandfather is either the Blood Emperor or someone from his high court

Those who practice magic can live long lives, though I don’t remember how long

It also feels like he “adopted” her and her mother. Some cultures do that, a not blood family might get called grandparent/aunt/uncle because they are found family or just important

I also have a feeling her family line on her mother’s side is actually nulls that got experimented on by the blood empire.

I remember speculation along those lines by one of the people in the story, but my audible memory is lacking, and I’ve been a slow at reading.

I know we can’t believe what we are told by the university and crowns about stuff. There is a few who might tell the truth, but haven’t spoken about the issue that I recall

I am curious if anybody else has thoughts along these lines?

Proof one way or the other?


So, in book three, it was confirmed that the grandfather had adopted her mother.

And that her grandfather was not one of The People.

That his name translated into [secretive learned one] only makes me feel like I’m in the right direction.

The nightmare from book four really has me suspicious about how much in the right direction.

Oh raven feathers the character growth she does using everything we have witnessed in her classes to make her shadow puppet better from that point.

I bet her grandad would be so proud