Appreciate level class requirements

Ok so for starters, the first and second term requires the same four main classes. I’m assuming that means there is a total of 16 classes for four terms. Are the third and fourth term classes the same as the first two just more advanced, or is there other areas required for apprentice certification?. Also would be cool to know the other certification levels requirements. Also is there varied certifications for those who do extra classes in broader subjects or just Sortof a transcript having certain subjects would be required for different jobs? I understand the possible spoiler info, just wondering about the world you’ve built.

@AzaleaEllis might be able to answer this when she gets online, next.

We talked about this a bit on the Patreon, but I’ll answer here, too, for non-Patrons who might be interested.

To get an Apprentice certification:

Just those 4 classes, for 3 terms, plus passing the exams of course. Students also have to display a capacity of at least 250 thaums, which shouldn’t be difficult if they’ve been practicing and doing the homework. Ideally, students will significantly exceed that number, and it is one of the things they’ll be putting on job applications and such.

Apprentice certifications are meant to be easy and cheap, just enough for someone to get a job using magic–still working for someone else, as it’s not legal for Apprentices to go into business for themselves.

Here are the numbers:

Apprentice–3 terms x mandatory 4 classes, up to 7 classes without special dispensation, 250 thaums
Journeyman–5 terms, 475 thaums
Specialized Journeyman–7 terms, 700 thaums
Master–9 terms, 900 thaums

The 4 core classes are required through term 4, except for…

Introduction to Modern Magic is required for all terms, but once you get beyond the 4th term, it splits off into several specialized branches and students just choose one they prefer, and over time might take most or all of them, depending on how long they stay at the University.

After those first 4 terms, students still need to take a minimum of 4 classes per term, but can choose more or less what those classes are.

A specialized Journeyman must complete at least 2 terms/8 classes that focus on a specialized field. They’re basically a better Journeyman that has the same legal restrictions, but will get higher pay and better job opportunities.