Do you guys have a favourite chapter?

I find myself going back and rereading some chapters that I enjoyed a lot. I think my favourite being the chapter where she takes the oral university exam. And probably my second favourite is when she first treats Miles.

What is your favourite chapter? (Yes, this is a way to extort suggestions for parts to reread)

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Ooh, yes definitely!
Some of my favourites include her meeting miles for the first time too!
Others are also:

When she uses the nine light filter

When she makes the walk-disabling epiphany about transmigrification

When she distanced her output for the first time (from both hers and Thaddeus’s perspective)

People thinking she cast through her flesh during the defensive magic exam

When she gets 70 contribution points for her tree sculpture

And also the latest chapter when the uses the nine light filter to even greater effect

As you can see I’m a sucker for all the magical scenes🙈


Oh, yes, actually I have read those chapters twice when they came out, I enjoyed them a lot. I think some of the recent chapters are super good :slight_smile:


When she gets 70 contribution points for her tree sculpture

YES! A Tree of Sand and Light is an all-time favorite.

Carnagore is also a huge favorite. I love the Myrddin chapters, and I’m unashamedly shipping S and Oliver. That’s the chapter where he propositions her, and I almost died when I read it.

Projectile Vomit is also favorite, because, well, it speaks to my sense of humor.

Sword of Damocles is when we get to delve deeper into her nightmares, and that definitely stands out as a favorite.


I love all the chapters where she is the Raven Queen… especially “Reqest a Boon”,“To Slumber but not to Rest”, “Cold Sweat”, “For the High Crown”, "The Curse of curiosity ",“Out if tye Night”… I also love the scene where Tanya is healed… Miles falls out of the cupboard and scenes where her poeple exchange ideas about her… Someone mentioned on a post about rereading a particular chapter twice…is it just me. But i always read an reread these chapters at least 4 to 6 times when they drop… looking for clues, feeling the scene… typos etc… and between chapters reread or listen to the series again … Seeds of Chaos also…
Here is a question for a survey… how many times have you reread or listened to the entire series?
Myself at least a dozen times…


Honestly, Death Wish has to be one of my favorites. Gera and Co just hitting Katerin with prescription strength gaslighting with complete conviction in the horror of this eldritch entity.


My two favorites are absolutely her first meeting with Lynwood and Millenium … and Ana absolutely framing her uncles with their own incompetence.


Surprising to see so many agree but I also thought the creation of the metal tree was my favorite. It was cathartic seeing her efforts yielding admiration and applause from everyone.


I love that chapter not only because it’s an amazing use of what we saw her learn, but also because she’s so surprised that it is as amazing as it is.


I think most of my favorite chapters are people reacting to her. First treatment of Miles and the recent talking to Kiernan chapters fit in a similar style because you can see the wheels turning the people around her even if they are from her perspective.

I think of course, that doesn’t mean all her chapters aren’t important, but many lack the SPIKE of a good react chapter for rereading purposes, as opposed to first readings.

But yes some S chapters count for that, including shoving a shadow down a guys throat and the oral exam.

But A Monster Egg stands out above almost all others to me, as finally giving us a real comparison point of exactly how much more impressive she actually is, not even misconceptions, then a prodigy is even supposed to be.


I’m not sure about favourite chapters, but I sometimes remember these bits that I find funny:

Please save my son who can not sleep. Okay, here’s a spell. With this spell you just need some mages to stand around him in a circle staying awake all night powering the spell.

Yes, excellent. We have captured associates of the mysterious and powerful one. The trap is ready. [Hostage changes disguise and scares prison guards into letting them out]. Gah, foiled again. The terrible one somehow got inside the prison and escaped with the prisoners.

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Chapter 185. Honestly it makes me want to start a thread for all of us to come up with Sebastien comments.


I think my favourite chapter might be “Chapter 187 - Transmutation Exercises” where Siobahn hears about transmogrification using opinions of many people. I might be biased because it’s a recent chapter. My favourite fiction story used to be HPMOR, but that was while and shortly after I read it. My current favourite fiction is A Practical Guide To Sorcery, even though unlike HPMOR it’s not a sandwich with as many rationality-teaching ingredients as convenient. Perhaps I am biased to like a story I have read more recently.

In HPMOR when Harry learns what a dementor is, sees it without illusion, and uses a better patronus, it describes somewhat, awareness of and resistance to self-imposed mental compulsion. I already knew about mental compulsions, though. I asked someone else who read that chapter, who it then turned out didn’t remember how Harry actually worked out what a dementor was. So as a lesson, it was insufficient for that person. Harry did some weird Sherlock Holmes thing and was eventually kissed.

Meanwhile in A Practical Guide To Sorcery, “Chapter 187 - Transmutation Exercises”, it is easier for the reader to grasp the concept of a cultural idea (probably). The reader (probably) does not finish the chapters and remember that Siobahn’s transmogrification got better but forget why.

Also I’m likely biased because in that chapter Siobahn wrote “Death is the single greatest tragedy of existence, the absolute, unfathomable horror that has accumulated since the beginning of life” which matches my own opinion. And as everyone knows, when there are multiple opinions, one’s own opinion is always the correct one (citation needed). That would mean that because Siobahn’s opinion matches mine, it’s correct. And then my confirmation bias can go “Mmm, brain chemicals”.

ON A SIMILAR TOPIC TO SOMETHING ABOVE I’m suspicious that people might read A Practical Guide To Sorcery, and find the misunderstandings amusing, but in their ordinary life continue to assume that people are reliable narrators though, or at least that they are. I think it’s not that people think to themselves “I’m going to assume that my imagination and logical ability are perfect”, rather those questions aren’t asked. People can perhaps learn from specific mistakes, but not be in the habit of trying to learn general lessons from them.

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S and Oliver?!?! Traitor.

Also I love any of the chapters where she is in Lacers classroom learning and the chapters with the little interactions with her school friends. The candle battle for midterms? I loved it. The fan Sebastian fan club that secretly follows her around: I would love a for-fun-chapter from the perspective of the Sebastian fan club president following him around for a day. A day in the life of a Sebastian SuperFan.

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I want Oliver, you can have Damien. I’m not a traitor, I just know how to share with my friends! :laughing: :rofl:

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FINE. I wonder if Damien finds out S is actually Siobhan, if he’ll move on to Oliver.

Panic and chaos ensues.

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WOW. You still haven’t joined the Damien Fan club thread.

Where is it and how did I miss it?

I might be biased because I just finished reading it, but chapter 200 is an absolute banger. Not gonna spoil anything for those who haven’t subscribed to the patron, but damn! I didn’t think I would enjoy anything more than “Death Wish”, but this one certainly proved me wrong!