Does "summer break" happen entirely in the fall?

Okay, so this is just a small thing I’ve been confused about for a while…

So, winter term at the University seems to start at the beginning of month 11 and end at the end of month 3. That is a 5 month term.

Then there is sowing break between terms which lasts 2 weeks, and Summer term picks back up in the middle of month 4.

But then, if the two terms are the same length, summer term would end in the middle of month 9, at which point there is a presumably 6-week gap spanning to the end of month 10, which is being called, “summer break”.

But the seasons so far seems to line up with our own months in the northern hemisphere… Sooo, shouldn’t it be autumnal break or something?

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So this is actually going to be answered soon, with approximate dates, possibly as an addition in book 4, or possibly just posted on the website and here. This is a part of an updated glossary project we’re currently working on, and I’m glad you asked, because I wondered the same thing!

Here’s what I can answer: the terms are just shy of 5 months, and Sowing Break is approximately 2 weeks every time. Summer Break begins in the summer and should end between the beginning or middle of the 8th month, and wrap up around month 11 as the fall term starts. Summer Break encompasses the hottest part of the summer and fall.

I’m sorry I can’t give a more detailed answer right now, but I’ll bump the thread as soon as that’s ok.

Edit: Also, the books are loosely set in more of a pre-industrialized English climate, and they were horrified in the early 1900s to have summers reaching 80 F. I am not sure exactly how true to this the books stay, but if you’re interested, this is an old log of temperatures in England. Scroll a few pages until you see the chart.

Ah, so while sowing break is between terms, summer break is in the middle of the term? That makes sense and resolves my confusion.

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It’s basically the fall/summer break, between the end of the 2nd term and the beginning of the 3rd. (Or the end of the 4th term and the beginning of the 5th, etc etc.) It’s a much longer break, too, possibly modeled after harvest time breaks? I am just speculating about that part.

Just wanted to clarify officially, summer break is indeed and more accurately called Harvest Break, a counterpart to the Sowing Break. It’s 2 months instead of 2 weeks, and it hits the end of summer and beginning of fall. More detailed info is up on the main website now, under the PGTS Glossary.

I’m going to start calling it Harvest Break all the time because, even though it does technically start during the summer, it’s not the same kind of summer break we’re used to in this world.