How are dorm room assigned?

This is from early in book one, and shouldn’t be a spoiler.

I just kinda noticed, you check the ranking board for basically who you are dormed with. We know Damion is (barely) in the top 300, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ana is ranked near enough to him to get in the same berth

But how is our gal (I am bad at spelling and both her names are hard to me) in the same berth with a green 515 written score and tech failing the board?

It’s not putting all the royals together, because I don’t remember hearing about any of the other royal kids in the group being there, I could be wrong, I know

Is our girl home now just so happen to be with in 75 of Damion?

Or, like blue pointed out to, maybe Professor L pulled some strings? Like pushed his two boys in the same room to hope something came out of it. Cause our girl did have the low hanging fruit to call out rude behavior.

I love her <3


Lacer did pull strings to put S. in a different history class. S. is also admitted as an apprentice… that could have meant something too. Also, it could have been by registration times. But, I think it’s just likely that Azalea wanted the two to continue meeting for story reasons, so they ended up in the same dorm.