If the Blood Emperor were still alive today, how would you fight him?

Hello, this might be fun and/or interesting.
An answer someone in the book gave was not to fight him, instead give the news of his presence to someone who could fight him more effectively.

Here’s another idea. Zapping him with gamma rays. Maybe get an artificer to make some folded space that makes light travel in a circle so that you can build up a lot of it before shooting.

Or transmute a lot of uranium-235 to make a nuclear bomb.

I may be out of good-seeming ideas already.

Me, personally?

Assuming I’m not face to face with him, have the Air Force do a drone strike on him. Or get a special forces sniper to blow his head off from half a mile away.

The dude was at least at Archmage. You kill someone like that in one of two ways - total surprise, or subterfuge to disguise the strike. Anything that doesn’t kill him instantly gives him a chance to protect himself, heal, and strike back against you.

Hmm yes. A drone strike… Wings for gliding are within their technology ability. A spell can maintain altitude like in the crown family room with the safe. Magic could be used to propel it. The weapon itself could be a disintegration mine in a folded space bag, or something.
The blood emperor might be warded against physical attacks. The projectile would move slower than light, so if a ward’s detection ability is limited in speed it might be able to react in time to redirect it. But a huge wide-area explosion might get past a personal warding artefact. And the drone might be spotted on its approach and attacked by a person. Maybe there could be distractions or invisibility. I don’t know what stealth magic there is. Or it could move underground. If the blood emperor’s inside his palace then he will probably be more strongly warded than if he was visiting a lake.

A special forces sniper shooting him from a mile away. Then it raises the question of what weapon to use. If it’s a bullet, he could have a medallion that deflects it and makes it miss. I thought gamma rays might be harder to ward against. I don’t know if it’s true though. Maybe a huge sniper shot like a cannon ball, or multiple shots at once.

Hmm so maybe my real answer for how I’d fight the blood emperor is I’d gain knowledge to be able to fight him.

This question seems to boil down to, “What do you think the capabilities of the Blood Emporer were?” And that makes me wonder whether the question was a test to determine whether or not a potential student knew just a little too much about blood magic.

He was an archmage with a lifespan (and thus potential for power accumulation) centuries beyond any modern archmage like Zard, he was one the foremost if not the foremost expert in blood magic, had few, if any, ethics, and a large population of sacrifices to draw from.

From that I’m going to assume that trying to break through his wards with hundreds of thousands of thaums behind them would be useless, and also that he had some kind of healing factor that would allow him to recover from almost any injury, drawn from thousands of people’s natural healing abilities.

I feel like the only real options are trying something completely new, somehow hitting him with a devastating attack when he has no artifacts on or around him, or by breaking the rules of magic by using an aberrant against him.

The last of those options seems like the most plausible to me, albeit tricky. For the right type of aberrant you can probably even take him out with an aberrant that isn’t all that powerful. If you just arranged for what Newton became to suddenly drop on him, that might even do it And that’s only an apprentice level aberrant to kill a mega-archmage.

…Of course saying that in an entrance exam would be suicidal…

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Hit him with a rock. It’s the last thing he’d expect.

The minute his head is in view, hit it with a rock?

That’s not very sportsmanlike.