Special editions of PGTS books?

For Azalea & team: Are there any (plans for) signed and/or nicer-than-typical-paperback versions of the books?

For readers: Would you also be interested? If so, help me advocate for this!

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Hey Lya!

What we have now:

An option for personalized paperbacks, where the first page is customized with a note, image, and generally my e-signature. But it’s not more special than other paperbacks other than that. Those are only available through the higher Patreon tiers, or for special events like being on the Typo Hunting Team or winning an engagement contest.

What I WANT:

Fully kitted out special editions in both paperback and hardback format, including illustrations, gold foiling, and ALSO including any bonus content that fits chronologically into the book’s timeline. I’d like to write an extra side story or two for each book, to make them even special-er. I’d probably fund the special edition initially through Kickstarter, and after that it would be available through Patreon or Azalea Ellis Books.

This is on my list of medium-term projects that I will need help to complete, but I don’t have any projected timeline for the release yet. I know what needs to be done but it’s a lot of hours and money that need to go into it.

And yes, if anyone is particularly enthusiastic about this project, please put in a word of encouragement for it.


My partner got one of your paperback books with the his name printed with a thank you and your e signature

And while it made him smile,

I was absolutely impressed and blown away about how much that must have cost to do. I have the smallest understanding of how much it cost to make dead tree books :books: and to make custom first pages, unless every single person shared his first name, had to have been even just a bit.

So much respect that you would honor your readers like that!

… As for you doing the super duper special books, omg! Yes, a limited 1st edition of the leather obviously,

but then maybe second edition could be made to order (with less of the grand details)

… I would also love to be able to collect student and staff tokens. For the people who don’t go to the university, maybe they could have something else like a small id card.

To me this means needing art for all the named people, the school symbol, the country symbol and likewise… Which commissioning can get costly.

Id also be very interested in a companion book about each form of magic, or maybe lumped into one.

But I’m thinking pages taken from assigned reading or studying in the college.

Have something that teaches one of the first spell array that a student would learn in the school,
a few pages of plants and when you should plant, grow, pick them for what reasons for sympathetic science,
instructions on how to brew some really basic potion (that would be safe to consume in the real world),
instructions on how to do a simple short term binding contract with a non magical creature (it was mentioned)
How to use dousing rods to find water (people actually do this irl)

Stuff along these lines, id love to see actual 10-20 page simple text books, however, a page or two of something from every class that is available to which ever term she is in would be pretty epic. Or maybe just classes she and those she cares about takes.

I think you seem pretty amazing and I really really like all the thought and detail you put into this world. I’m a pretty big sucker for stories that are this freaking diverse.

It’s amazing and I am grateful you are sharing it with us

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I would LOVE a hardback edition with illustrations and all the extras!

I will race to be first in line for the Kickstarter and I support this project so much I should be counted at least twice.


I would definately get on board with a kickstarter