The Thirteen Crowns - Discussion

If you were a family of the thirteen crowns, what would you want your primary business to be? I think I would do herbs and magical flora procurement.

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  1. Pendragon
  2. Westbay
  3. Unnamed still!
  4. Gervin
  5. Also unnamed!
  6. Cyr
  7. Moncrieffe
  8. Setterlund
  9. Emberlin
  10. And yet another Family of No Particular Name.
  11. I’m dead why have I put off naming them so long.
  12. Rouse
  13. :melting_face:

But even if I haven’t named them all, I do know what area they have dominion over. I’ll leave that for discovery in the story, though.


But Ascott is one of the Crown families? I dont see their name on the list!

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And Anna gossiping about “Mishner and Leddie”…
She wouldnt gossip about non crown families… would she ? So these two also?

My favorite is family number 11 “I’m dead why have I put off naming them so long”. Such a strong family name!


i assumed that Mishner and Leddie were other students in their classes, and probably first names at that.

I also thought they were first names.

Maybe… possibility, but i myself have never met or heard of anyone with those for first names before but i am only one person… i also was trying to pry out other possibilities… reaching a bit.
Its kinda fun looking for and chasing breadcrumbs after all :wink:

Mmm, yeah she is. Well one of them that I thought was unnamed does have a name. Now if only I could remember which…

No, those are just random students. There are a number of wealthy and influential students who aren’t directly part of the Crown Families. And besides that, Ana will gossip about anyone who she feels is “fair game” for any number of reasons.


Barely a spare as far as his father is concerned you mean.

That generation of crown is um, lacking, to put nicely.

I’m really glad Anna got her father to take an actual look at her eventually.

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