The Thirteen Crowns - Discussion

Who are they, and what do we know about each family?

I have been trying to make a list of the thirteen crowns…but not having good luck…are all the kids at the university with Sébastien crowns families?.. is Waverly Ascot a crown child? Rhett?
Others Rouse, Cyr, i have a few more but my notes aren’t handy

Any help ? :wink:

Damien’s whole pre-S friend group is repeatedly referred to as variants of the Crown Family group, her Crown Family friends, etc. so I’m pretty sure all of those families are.

That gives us Ascott, Moncrieffe, and Setterland

I wonder what hierarchy is…yes we know they are ranked 1,2,3,4 etc… but is the high crown “Royal”? And are the rest just the Nobles or is the ranking an order of secession if say the high crown was assassinated ? Could The Raven Queen “Remove” the high crown and become Queen of Lennor ? Or would the Westbays automatically take over…Is Damien a Prince, or some other title … duke maybe… or just a Spare

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Definately a spare, at least as far as his father’s concerned.

On whether the Wesbays are princes, it is mentioned in Catastrophe Collector (a tiny bit) that there are members of the families that aren’t in direct line to be the head of their family, but they still have positions in government or related wealth and power. So, the High Crown probably has plenty of legitimate heirs around. Which could also be a reason why a Silverling is hardly a danger to succession.

When it’s been described that Oliver has been in a position to “marry into” a family, I suspect these off-shoots are how.

As for usurping, in feudalism, it’s hard to imagine that Sibohan could usurp the High Crown without the help of the other Crown families. Here, the Stags and the Pack don’t seem like enough; they don’t have a military level force. A military switching sides is always a sure sign your government is about to fail.

Here’s what I know so far:

1st- Pendragon, Crown family
2nd- Westbay family, head of Coppers
4th- Gervin - textiles and clothing
6th - Cyr
8th- Setterlund, plants and agriculture.
12th- Rouse - public relations, including taverns and brothels

Ascott, Emberlin, & Moncreiffe are definitely Crown Families, but I’m not sure which.

My understanding is that the High Crown family is considered royalty, and regularly intermarries with the nobility (the Crowns) or nobility from foreign countries.


Gervins are Textiles/Clothing

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Thanks, Jim, I edited it to reflect that! Hopefully we will find out more in the upcoming books.

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By book 13 we should be getting close, dont you think ? :thinking: :wink:

Next book, with the Gervin family party, might shed some more light on things.

Good point Sébastien was invited to the Gervins Ball to “Network”… It hadnt occured to me but you make a great point , he will met everyone thats someone there. That should help fill out our little chart.

Unless she decides to take ridiculous risks and show up in her own body instead of Sebastien’s. Then the party might end in chaos.

Now That would be cool!

An evil villian appears and tries to tak everyone hostage. Sebastien swaps to the Raven Queen in a phone booth to save the guests, but—after saving the day—she uses her divination ward to seemingly disappear, and Sebastian comes back from his important phone call.

While relistening to Sacrifice of Light… chapter Post Mortem… Anna mentions two more students by name … Mishner and Leddie (not sure about spelling)… are these other Crown family children also?

They could be, but I didn’t get the impression that Meschner and Letty were crown families. It feels like they’re both inconsequential enough that Ana thinks talking about their drama couldn’t possibly be of any importance or further stress for Sebastien.

While Sebastien would probably be oblivious to more serious implications, I feel like Ana wouldn’t bring up a clash between crown families as a source of comfort, since such a conflict could have consequences for a lot of people.

I actually assumed that whole scene was foreshadowing for someone drugging S at school. I could see her getting hit hard with a love potion from one of her fans, and having a strange reaction to it.

When talking to Siobhan about the Gervin subcommission, Oliver says:

It’s possible I could try to legitimize some of the smuggling operations I’ve taken over through a commission from the Emberlin Family.

I assume from the capitalized Family that they’re one, and deal in shipping? Imports? Something like that.

That gives us Pendragon, Westbay, Setterlund, Ascott, Gervin, Moncrieffe, Cyr, Rouse and Emberlin; 9 of 13.


VERY good catch! Thank you. I would also assume they deal with imports and exports.