Why do I torture myself - would like feedback at an idea

So, some background.

I have gone to NorWesCon in Seattle for the last 3 years, and have entered in the single pattern contest for the last two (I didn’t place in either of them) this con happens on Easter weekend every year.

And while I kinda want to enter in the single pattern contest again next year, I really want to enter into the Masq, which is a costume contest where you make whatever and put on some kinda show.

I’m a little interested in trying a quick change costume, and since NWC is 90% about scifi and fantasy writers/books, this series seems perfect.

A “quick change” from our girl into her masc form, possible with blue as Lord Stag if I can drag him into the stage xp.

Enter the stage running holding the book, clearly trying to get away, (if he is there) blue reaching out from behind a panel quoting Lord Stag, and then going behind said panel, dropping her costume and wig, to be the masc form where when the panel drops because we are caught, I’m squinting my eyes closed and play out the rest of that scene, prob with the coppers being a voice over and the audience.

I know I would need to reread that chapter, but there really isn’t much said about what who is wearing, and while yes, cannon wise, that change happens with her wearing the same clothes, her body changes, short of doing binding I can quickly release, going from masc to fem… I’m not okay with doing for various reasons.

But this idea seems like a fun challenge, and it’s, to me anyways, both sci fiction and fantasy, a really wonderful blend.

… Id love any and all feedback, and if possible, a blessing

But any idea of what to wear, styles and what not, female form needs to be at least a little loose fitting so it doesn’t really show that there is more clothes under

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IIRC in that scene she was wearing some loose fitting trousers and a coat with many little pockets she could easily reach into, in addition to carrying a huge pack stuffed with basically all of her clothing and worldly possessions. The pack could also come in very handy for elements of the costume change.


I’m thinking of a quick change, which, from what I understand, is like 90% removing layers.

If anything the bag could be something that pulls the outfit into itself, hiding the evidence.

… I wonder, except it doesn’t have the pockets, the pants I’m working on might count for what she might have worn… The top I doubt it. I just don’t see her wearing a bright red top.

And the main reason why it doesn’t have pockets is this pattern just wants them on the outside and I ran out of the fabric… I might add pockets to this later, but I have other means

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It’s a magic trick, so to sell it, you might want to look into books in stage magic. Good stage magic is about tricking people into thinking they saw one thing, when they actually saw something else. Distraction.

Mulholland was a master of this, and his book for the CIA is a good place to find understanding: Full text of "cia-manual-trickery-deception-2009"

But, he also wrote other books on stage magic, and you might find them helpful.

I am no expert on this and I don’t know where to go for the exact quick change advice, but I think this is a stellar idea. What would really be great is if you could find a way to gain height in the change.

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My advice?

Wear loose pants, a wig, a mask on form-fitting plastic (3-D print it?), and some sort of fake breasts. Slouch. In addition to a slight bend of your knees, bow your back out while pushing your stomach forward. Slouching can easily take a couple of inches off of your height

Arrange to have a loud bang off and a dramatic interaction between Oliver and the police, during which time you pull off wig and mask, pull breast implant down onto the side away from the audience, step into platform shoes, and straighten up. This can actually all be done in one motion. One hand pulling mask and wig off. One hand under your shirt pulling fake breasts down (hold to the side away from the audience). While stepping into the shoes. This will take a lot of practice though.

Your clothing remains the same. You’re visibly 4-6 inches taller. You’re now a man, and your skin color is different.

Ideally, arrange for a second distraction and a box in which to drop your props.

If the distraction is good it really should look like an instant and utterly impossible transformation.

Better yet, the mask does not have to be as good as you might fear. You see, people will study you closer after the transformation than before. They therefore are unlikely to remember mistakes in the mask. And your actual face will look utterly realistic.

(I’ve not personally done much stage acting or magic, but I’ve talked a lot with actors and magicians. I’m pretty sure that this can work.)

Small problem is I will be judged on the costumes, so quality is important, the posture thing works, and they like prerecorded stuff to play for noise.

But I know if the wig is done correctly it shapes my face differently, and instead of fake boobs, there is a style of corset that can make someone appear to have a chest, of the fabric is a bit firm.

The idea of her bag, and there is some kind of trick to be able to pull whatever into something else. Some kind of snaps on one side to open and off fast.

I have time to think and kinda plan.

Your costume, your choice. But the challenge with the corset is the quick change. The things that I named were chosen to allow for speed.

I hope it turns out well!

So in a side panel I can install snaps that can be easily opened, I’ve seen it done once.

I’m thinking of the shadow