Background Character Latent Powers

A post to discuss any powers we believe other characters may have.

Many of the characters seem to hint to powers or attributes not specifically spelled out in the story to date… Lets try to bring the hints of these here for all to ponder and expand on


One character I think has power that was hinted to is Theo. During the Raven Summoning Spell Chapter he talked to the Ravens and actually seemed to tell them to share the food and they listened… was that because Empress Regal is more than a standard Raven OR does Theo have an undisclosed power to speak to animals. It also sounds like Empress Regal has been visiting him…Why?
Theo also has the ability to always identify Siobhan no matter her getup or which body she is in…
Any other hints we can think of?
Is he gifted or is there really Vampire blood in the family or something else … ideas?


The obvious people with extra powers are:

Oliver definitely has some characteristics of a Null.

Robards (The police officer that S. was accosted by before her capture) has some precognition/extra perception (he’s in Larva).

Percy (the photographer) has something very cool going on with fate.

Miles, he’s got precognition going on, but probably also full blown prophecy. I am also of the mind that he could be a will splitter too.

It would be fun if Damien had something, but I can’t think of any extra power he has except entitlement.

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Miles has a lot of stuff going on though. Apparently his hearing is just so good that he can pick one voice out of dozens from the other side of a crowd, possibly from a block or more away? That’s insane.

For his other abilities though, I think there’s something more esoteric going on than only precognition.

Like, for a guess, I think it might be that when people send out tiny, unintentional fractions of belief/will that change magic, the magic in turn lets out little ripples/echos that he is able to pick up on.

I think when he tells Siobhan that he can “hear them gossipping about you”, or when he says he can hear the heartbeat of the city when it is quiet he means something like this. He can hear the collective belief in the Raven Queen resonating with magic, and when people settle down for the night and aren’t so involved in their myriad other thoughts he can hear a sort of more unified pattern in the collective unconscious.

Damien has the most fearsome power of all, the same super power as Batman in fact. Lots of money.


Edited for spoilers: Damien doesn’t even have that much money.

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I think his real superpower is his Family Name - not his money, but the power that comes with it. His arrogance, his certainty that he’s important and that people will listen to him. His social power. Not necessarily money. S found friends whose strengths compliment her weaknesses.


If anyone has read the Super Powered series by Drew Hayes, there’s a character names Nick Campbell, who has “Luck” as a power. Im not sure about Percy, but that seems to be the closest to him, except it’s not under his conscious control. If APGtS has a Chaos Mage, that seems like it would be what Percy has.

I do wonder what would happen if he started learning thaumatergy.