Conventions that you go to?

Just curious - I’ve gone to NorWesCon for several years, and it’s one of the best conventions I’ve attended. Lots of very informative panels, lots of authors (doing public readings if their works), and its where i heard about Siobhan last year. And of course, it’s conveniently close by for me.

What conventions do other people attend?

For comparison, I’ve been to San Diego’s ComicCon (way overcrowded, way too much merchandising, lots of awesome cosplays); a couple of Further Confusion (great for art collection and commissions, met some cool people, but panels sucked), and one WorldCon (the most snobbish assholes at a Con I’ve ever been to, but i did get to talk to Terry Brooks).

So this weekend was NorWesCon. Great fun. Nothing like a panel of actual lawyers answering questions like “if i become a werewolf, can my landlord evict me for violating the no animals clause” and “if i build a Frankenstein monster, how do i get them a birth certificate, and are they considered a natural born citizen”. Or a bunch or people with science degrees pointing out not just how, but why some Hollywood science tropes are garbage.

Also the best part was probably showing off the sugar gliders to loads of people, and collecting lots of badge ribbons.