Introducing more exotic pets

I don’t have cats or dogs, i have two Sugar Gliders! These two cuties are named Goober and Xion.

Sugar gliders are little marsupials from Indonesia. They are omnivores like humans. These two favorite foods are corn, melon, yogurt, and live mealworms.


Just felt like posting a few more pictures of them.


How did I miss this! I LOVE your suggies!! The pic of the innocent looking one with the butterbeer is so cute. Are they very high-intensity regarding care and feeding?

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They spend most of the night running around their large cage (and sometimes yapping at my GF until she gets up and gives them 30 seconds of attention). Most mornings, we let them run around in her bedroom (supervised, of course).

For food, the biggest limitation is that they don’t like eating the same thing day after day. So we try to mix up what they get fed a little each day. They do have a small dish of kibble that stays in the cage for the days they decide they’re not going to eat squash (or pomegranate or kiwi or green beans) for a third day in a row.

Well that and my GF hates picking up live, squirming worms to feed to them.

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If you zoom in, you can just barely see the worm Xion is munching on.

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The suggies seem like they’re lower maintenance than I was let to believe. :rofl: My friends offered to give me a pair about ten years ago, and I thought it would be too much. Now that I have cats and dogs with prey drive, it rules them out pretty solidly - I don’t want to bring any pets into the house that might be at risk from the existing animals.

Your two seem to have a great life, though - that’s a lot of time out of the cage, and from your pics they seem so tame.

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It took several weeks before they accepted being picked up without fighting, and several more to tolerate being held. Even now, they usually will only sit calmly in my hand when they’re tired or not quite awake. When they’re active they won’t even hold still to be petted!

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this little BRAT hid in that box, where we didnt think he could fit, for THREE HOURS of us tearing apart the bedroom looking for him.

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I want to interject that caring for them isn’t so bad.

But getting started can be a nightmare if they show up early unannounced and before any of their stuff arrive (we had like 3 hours of notice!!!)

I equate them to toddlers that know where the candy is because that is basically what they are. They are mentally at most 5 year olds who can’t be potty trained (but most of the time their messes are small and easily cleaned with a baby wipe)

Goober can open a pickle jar if it’s not tightly closed, they both untie knots and solve plastic sequence puzzles (that I put pumpkin seeds inside of).

Xion understands how to open my door via doorknob, but at 85 grams, thankfully can’t. So I just have to make sure she can’t nudge it open from the top

I also swear they are half cats, knocking stuff off shelves, attacking chicken feathers, and wanting pets on the top of their heads.

Goober has decided that my Stitch needs to find a new spot, but since it’s huge plush, like almost as big as me, him doing his flying jump kick to its head only flopped the head a little bit, my chair was also in the way,

But just because he can push around a 300 gram Lily doll, this 105g baby prob isn’t getting stitch anywhere.

Xion does try to drag my lighter throw into her cage sometimes,

However, they can be very good at hiding, as much as goobs hates his picture taken, he wanted out of that box.

Oh, they also, like cats and toddlers, will do as they are told… Goober understands he won’t go into the cage if he obeys… Xion is like nope I’m free! Chase me

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They found and then properly opened the dumb dumb.

They have complaints about how little they got to lick the lollipop