Rachel Aaron’s By A Silver Thread

I really think Rachel Aaron is one of the most creative urban fantasy and high fantasy authors writing right now. Her recent series, starting with By a Silver Thread, is a delight to read.

Specifically, she’s also written a gender nonconforming MC that I liked from the very first chapter. She handles the gender pronoun problem with elegant simplicity:

As a changeling, Lola was technically a fairy spell without gender, but she’d still spent her entire life thinking of herself as a girl.

I think people who are a fan of Azalea’s series will like these books too.

Lots of magic in Rachel Aaron’s books, including Dragons (the Detroit Free Zone (or DFZ) first appears in Nice Dragon’s Finish Last), witches, wizards, shamans, sorcerers, spirits, and seers.

Rachel also wrote a book on how to write faster, * 2k to 10k* that is an impressive book, because of the simplicity of the advice in it, which I would sum up as: plan ahead and like what you write. The actual book has many examples and explanations and is totally worth a read for people interested in the mechanics of writing novels quickly.


I haven’t read this series yet, but I’m extremely fond of her Paradox series written under her Rachel Bach pseudonym. I’ve read it several times.