Release date for foreboding of woe audio?

Had there been an announcement for foreboding of woe’s audiobook release?

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It’s in the works, and coming soon. I can’t share more details, but I can say that it’s probably the best audiobook yet. :heart_eyes:


I love listening to the books :books:

The narrator y’all have is really nice

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Gabrielle is a gift to the world.

Azalea mentioned this on Patreon:

It wasn’t me who did the Harry Harold recording, it was the series narrator, Gabrielle de Cuir (who is really amazing. And BTW, she recently finished the audiobook for A Foreboding of Woe, so after some tweaks it will be going up for sale (and here on the Patreon for the $25 tier, too.)


I am debating on going the patreon as soon as blue finishes this book. I know we are at more than 90% done (nuuuuuuu, I don’t wanna wait)

The biggest reason why he said he hasn’t is that sometimes the chapters posted on there can be different, and he doesn’t want to be stuck remembering which is the correct version.

I don’t think I’d mind, but I am waiting.

I don’t want to be tempted to much with spoilers

Update: I got the final files in my inbox a couple of hours ago.

I will be uploading the book for sale the coming week. It’ll go up first on the Patreon and Azalea Ellis Books, and go live elsewhere (Audible, Amazon, Apple Books, Spotify, Kobo, library catalogues, etc) one or more weeks later, depending on how long it takes each individual platform to process things.


I love you so much platonicly
I look forward to getting it!

I need to see if my daughter has started listening, trying to get her hooked

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