Theory: The Blood Emporer and his people were from the distant past

Okay, so this one may seem a little farfetched, but it seems like the most plausible option to me.

Basically, I think the Blood Emporer and his people might have been survivors of the Cataclysm, who managed to pool what few remaining resources they could find, gather together, and put themselves in a sort of stasis for thousands of years to wait out the worst of the horrors and re-emerged once things had stabilized and societies were re-built. When they emerged what they found was still primitive by their standards though.

This explains:

  • Where they came from. The direction that their ships came from is well-known on the continent, yet nobody has yet found any populated lands in that direction. What is known is that they sailed from the general direction of the northern ice oceans… Great quantities of ice seem like they would be a great sacrifice/component in such a stasis spell.

  • Why they established no contact or trade with their homeland, including never seeking revenge for any sort of hypothetical exile.

  • Why they seemed to have deliberately hid all details of where they came from.

  • Why they seem to have been able to greatly advance magic, and why they were so obsessed with that advancement. They would’ve been from a more advanced time, dropped into a backwards and primitive society, and while no small group of random individuals has all of the knowledge to run the entirety of an industrialized society, they would have enough of a basis to help compel fruitful research and likely would want to try to restore things to their level of advancement.

  • Part of why they had so few ethical principles if they came from a more desperate/apocalyptic time.


Oh goodness

What if it’s the other way around?!

They are from the future and bitched a time spell and ended up in a primitive time and basically had to reinvent the whee, and teaching the public

They are either convinced that they can’t change the timeline, so blood magic doesn’t bother them,
Or they hoping to change the future
Or the ones they sacrifice are the ancestors of their enemies:)

Or, maybe they are from an alternate timeline planet or whatever.

It’s fun to think about


Or this: they came from a more advanced distant past, travelled to the future, but thought they had been thrown into their past (because it was more primitive) and were hoping to cast magic to send themselves back to the future.

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