Unable to download audiobook from BookFunnel

I like to purchase books from authors directly whenever possible, so I preordered from the main site store.

I got the BookFunnel link earlier this month but have been too busy to grab it. So I just noticed that the download option isn’t available from BookFunnel.

Example from Millenial Mage:

I use my own audiobookshelf server to listen to audiobooks, and direct buy should make this easier than having to rip my purchases from Audible.

Is there perhaps just a setting that needs to be changed to enable downloads? (PS: If there’s format options, M4B would be much nicer than MP3, as well.)


I’m forwarding this to Azalea right now, because I’m not sure how to resolve this for you with my access. I’m sorry! You’ll hear from her soon.

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Check again.

Enabling DRM-free MP3 downloads used to be automatically enabled (I think?) but it looks like now I have to select that option manually. I’ve updated the book’s download page and the files should be accessible.

Sorry about that, and thanks for reaching out! :slight_smile:

Please let me know if it doesn’t update for you right away, or if you have any other issues.


It’s there now! Also in the BookHip link that got sent on release.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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